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Labor of Love

SuperDjango is a project that started in 2013 to address the needs of a complex, enterprise project. It began primarily as a large collection of abstract models with a few custom fields and form support.

Over the course of 2015 through 2017 a number of contrib packages were developed to handle some common needs such as user account management.

In 2018, we developed SuperDjango 2 as a more focused and cleaner version of the original resources. The UI system was conceived as a means of quickly creating a user interface. The UI is for users as the Django Admin is for staff.

With projects already running on SuperDjango 2, development started on SuperDjango 3 in 2019. We had experienced the power of a semi-automated user interface, so the focus was on revising the UI system to make it more comprehensive and easier to use and customize.

We love Django, and SuperDjango is our attempt to improve adoption and usage by providing a comprehensive "super framework" that fills the gaps for Django in the enterprise.

Funding the Project

Up until now, SuperDjango has been used only in our projects and for client work. As we prepare to release SuperDjango into the wild, we are considering how to increase the funds available to work on the project.

There is so much potential, but like everyone else, we are constrained by time and money.

Offering value for money is the initial objective, including the possibility of:

  1. Premium themes for the UI system.
  2. Training in Python, Django, and SuperDjango. Possibly with a "certified developer" program.
  3. Commercial support and custom development.

Thoughts on Sponsorships

As SuperDjango has not yet been released for community use, we realize it is presumptuous to offer sponsorships.

Nevertheless, we are confident that interest in sponsoring the project will grow as developers and organizations become aware of the power of SuperDjango. The UI system alone is a massive time-saver, and the integrated nature of the system combined with significant test coverage makes the project attractive to those looking for enterprise worthy Django resources.

We would like to hear your thoughts on sponsorships. Is it appropriate? What is reasonable in terms of fees? What should be expected in exchange for sponsorship? Is it viable?

Let us know!